Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What a treat to make these fun cookies for a sweet little guy who just turned 5!!!  It seems like just yesterday when he was born because my S was born not too long before him!  His grandmama and my kids' yiayia go way back....  So I always enjoy hearing those grandbaby stories!!!

This family has been through a lot these last few weeks....so I hope the birthday party for this sweet little one at the end of the week was a turning point for them....

Ahhh... to be 5 again..and not a care in the world!  Hope the bowling party was so much fun!!!

PS.... My little S got to meet 5 year old J...and must have thought he was pretty special too....b/c she couldn't stop talking about him and his "Woody" doll the whole way home!!!  We might just have to have a playdate for those "Jessies" and "Woodys" soon!

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