Sunday, July 4, 2010

A trip to the farm

A friend of mine requested some cookies to bring to a reunion....not your typical reunion, though....a reunion among college friends and their children.  This group of friends meets every few years or so...such a neat way to stay in touch.  This year they all gathered at a farm...So what says "farm" more than a few "moo cows" (as my little J calls them) and piggies?

Wish... I had a barn cookie cutter for this occasion....I have spotted one on my favorite cookie cutter website...just need to order.  I kinda have an obsession with cookie cutters....and my once organized space in my kitchen to house them.. is sort of dwindling these days!!!!

And I thought some suns and watermelons just seemed like a perfect summery accompaniment for a trip to the farm!

Hope you all enjoyed your time together!

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  1. Amalia,
    Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful cookies for our reunion! We had a great time enjoying EVERY ONE of them - the pigs and the cows were the favorites! :) Thanks again for helping us make great memories!
    Angie Elder
    Fort Collins, CO