Sunday, May 29, 2011

Organizing Cookie Cutters

I took a breather from baking and frosting today because I am in desperate need of some organization!!!  If you know me know that organization is pretty much my middle name.    I am constantly trying to find new ways to organize anything and everything!  I've been wanting to have a better organization system for my largely growing stash of cookie cutters for quite some time now...and so today....I went to work.

Up until now... my cutter organization has looked something like this...

And do you believe I have had ALL of these bags stuffed into one drawer under my oven??? Now imagine my frustration each time I open the drawer and have to pull out 10 bags to get to the one on the bottom that I need!!!!

SW seemed to enjoy the organization party today too!

Hopefully I will have a more efficient system up and running in the very near future!!!! Can't wait to share it when it is all finished:)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mr. Roboto

Mr. S celebrated his birthday today!!!! When I asked the kids what kind of cookies I should make for him....they immediately decided upon robot cookies!  Their daddy does the best robot dance ever.....and they absolutely love it!!! I thought they couldn't have chosen a more perfect idea!  So I got my pencil and paper out and began designing.

Here is what we came up with!

Orange is one of my hubby's most favorite I immediately knew these would be the perfect colors for him:)

No big celebrations today b/c the two boys have been a bit under the weather this week....poor J finally got meds and an inhaler for his asthma and nasty sinus infection.... I think we must be the most allergic family in America!!! Even our wheaten has allergies!!!!

But no birthday can go celebrated at our house without cake!  I didn't even ask Mr. S what kind of cake he wanted... I just made my favorite....cause hey...May is my month too!!!  I chose chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting!!

A few fun pics from our little family celebration in jammies and ready for bed!!
Oops... I forgot the candles and we didn't have any in the here is Mr. S pretending to blow out the candles.  J loved it!

It wasn't a big celebration today...but when you have known each other as long as Mr S and I's not the presents and parties that matter....:)  We are pretty thankful for our other three gifts:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Critters

I love making cookies for birthday parties... the themes can be so fun and this one was no exception!  These little guys were for one very special FIVE year old!

His mama and I go way the 7th grade, that is!!   I was a little nervous when she said the party was a "snake" I didn't love any of the snake cutters I had seen...but then she mentioned the party was going to be at a Nature my mind starting going lots of different directions.

We all know that ALL boys love anything buggy, or creepy, or I went from there...and used lots of boyish colors!!

And because none of the snake cutters depicted how I envisioned a snake... I tried to draw my own!

So glad I could make some special treats for this special little guy!! He's a lucky little boy with two really FUN parents and two sweet, sweet sisters!!  So glad his mama and I have stayed in touch over the years!!!  Hope you had a SWEET SWEET day, Mr. C!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone special

When the school year began... I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that my S would not like going to school ALL day long.  I had horrible memories of my first grade year and still remember clear as day my "not so friendly" first grade teacher.  I didn't want my S to have that same experience.

Here we May, coming up on the last few weeks of school...and I am thrilled to say that S's experience was the exact opposite.  This child could not have been more excited about going to school every day.  She would even feign good health when she was actually not feeling so hot...just so she would NOT miss school!  Imagine that!!! She couldn't have had a more nurturing and LOVING teacher who was truly excited about teaching!!!! I am sooo thankful!!!! Having been a teacher myself... I KNOW that the TEACHER makes all the difference.  I am so grateful to S's teacher for continuing S's love of school.  Watching her skip happily into school EACH and EVERY morning is all a mommy could ask for.  Thanks Mrs. M for all you do.  We have been so lucky to have you!!!

When one of my cookie idols  posted these cookies I knew I HAD to make them.  They just made me happy looking at them:)  I couldn't even wait for Linzy's I pulled out a heart and small circle cutter and went to work!! Thanks Linzy for the inspiration and for the idea!!! Such fun little cookies to make!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Love

For all those special mothers who keep us tucked under their wings and hold us forever in their hearts....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor

My BIG girl turned SEVEN this past weekend and an Ice Cream Party couldn't have been more perfect for her....she is an ICE CREAM FANATIC to say the least.  I was sooo proud of her that she gave it up for Lent SUCCESSFULLY...that I thought she definitely deserved this ice cream party!!

We decorated in bright pinks and blues and made ice cream cone and cupcake cookies.

These adorables came from living locurto... and they weren't actually ice cream sundaes...they were cupcakes with a buttercream made to look like ice cream.  I couldn't resist making these... and made our favorite home-made pound cake cupcakes to go inside!  Little Joseph even helped by placing the cherry on top (peanut butter m & m' favorite!)

The sundae bar

The kids LOVED the sprinkles and the mini chocolate chips...hence the fingerprints on the bowls (which I found at the dollar store, by the way!)

The cake...chocolate and white layers with a cream cheese frosting!

And here she is....the Birthday Beauty!!! Happy SWEET 7, dear Sophia!!