Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What a treat to make these fun cookies for a sweet little guy who just turned 5!!!  It seems like just yesterday when he was born because my S was born not too long before him!  His grandmama and my kids' yiayia go way back....  So I always enjoy hearing those grandbaby stories!!!

This family has been through a lot these last few weeks....so I hope the birthday party for this sweet little one at the end of the week was a turning point for them....

Ahhh... to be 5 again..and not a care in the world!  Hope the bowling party was so much fun!!!

PS.... My little S got to meet 5 year old J...and must have thought he was pretty special too....b/c she couldn't stop talking about him and his "Woody" doll the whole way home!!!  We might just have to have a playdate for those "Jessies" and "Woodys" soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was so thrilled to be able to make some cookies for a good friend of mine who was celebrating her daughter's first birthday.  She's one of those people who, no matter how long it has been since our last talk,....when we see each other again...we could just talk, and talk and talk...and well you get the picture.  We have known each other a while and watched each other's lives change.  We have laughed about our hubbies together...and complained about all of life's challenges together.  We dreamed together about being mommies.  We both had a heart for adoption and rejoiced with each other when our miracles found their way to us.  

Today.. this special friend is a mommy of two darling children.  She is so creative, so neat..so organized....such a strong person!  She celebrated Miss S's first birthday with a little Birdie theme....and planned and made adorable "sweet tweets" for the party.  The invitation was out of this world and too cute for words!  I know her little birdies had a spectacular day..  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special celebration.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some fun

Had a few "baker's nightmares" this weekend....some droppage of already packaged...completed...worked on for hours cookies.....had to remake starting at the dough stage.  UGGGGHHHH.... I was one unhappy camper.   After remaking that batch of cookies... I had some left over frosting....so I just had some fun with the colors.

First...some sailboats....

Next.... a few rocket ships....

And last but not least....some lady bugs...  (of a different breed)... I decided to go against the grain and make white spotty dotties instead of the traditional black....

They just look happy, don't they?

But my most favorite little lady????

Monday, July 5, 2010

Going Astray

So... I strayed a little from my usual sugar cookie baking this weekend and ventured out a bit.  On the menu..

1.  cinnamon raisin swirl bread with a touch of maple syrup

2. Fourth of July chocolate chippers

3.  Red, White and BLUEBerry muffins (minus the red and white)

So... I had fun with all of these new recipes...but back to the grindstone it is....lotso (and not the pink strawberry smelling bear from Toy Story 3 which we saw and cried to today) sugar cookie orders rolling in!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A trip to the farm

A friend of mine requested some cookies to bring to a reunion....not your typical reunion, though....a reunion among college friends and their children.  This group of friends meets every few years or so...such a neat way to stay in touch.  This year they all gathered at a farm...So what says "farm" more than a few "moo cows" (as my little J calls them) and piggies?

Wish... I had a barn cookie cutter for this occasion....I have spotted one on my favorite cookie cutter website...just need to order.  I kinda have an obsession with cookie cutters....and my once organized space in my kitchen to house them.. is sort of dwindling these days!!!!

And I thought some suns and watermelons just seemed like a perfect summery accompaniment for a trip to the farm!

Hope you all enjoyed your time together!