Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Isn't it the best feeling when you come home to find a surprise package on your front porch?  I usually get so excited when I see one of those brown boxes on our porch....and 99% of the time it is something work-related for the hubby:(   We all like to receive....but sometimes I think it is even more fun to be the one doing the giving.....It's just fun to surprise those people who mean the most to you...

So....because I like surprises soooo much.... one of my most favorite people will hopefully receive this...

at their doorstep VERY soon!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to Basic

Sometimes I just need a little break from sugar cookies and royal icing....and when I found these down home peanut butters on this amazing blog....I whipped out my jar of Jif and got to work.  I admit... I am a chocolate kind of gal....so normally I crave a good melt-in-your -mouth chocolate chip cookie warm from the oven, but these peanut butters took my taste buds by surprise....They were sooo good....and easy peasy to make!!!!

Thanks Linzy for sharing your recipe!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September showers and a few others

I thought the saying went something about April Showers....but seems like my month of September has been full of cookie orders for showers...baby showers, that is!  

I just adore these chicks!  I think they are my favorite cookie to make...they are just so bright...and fun...and pretty perfect for all those little baby peeps!

Here's an order I did for a heart association luncheon.... I think the leopard print ribbon added an out of the ordinary touch, and it also coordinated with the theme.

I made just a few cookies for one of our favorite friends...He turned the BIG TWO last week....and I thought these bright birthday cookies would be fun!  This little man is cute as a button....I ADORE his blond curls and big blue eyes...and his laugh....oh my.....never heard anything sweeter!  Hope you had a great day Mr. W!

And back to those baby showers...these cookies were jungle animals...and butterflies...I wanted to mimic the animals from the tiny prints jungle invitation....didn't quite master it...but at least I got the colors in the same shade! I think the giraffes and butterflies were my favorite.  The butterflies were mini's....and I think mini's might just be another new favorite of mine.  They are bite size and cute...And, hey, they always say good things come in small packages, right?

Monday, September 6, 2010

A BUSY Summer!

Well...Summer is officially over.... I'm still having a hard time getting back into the "school" groove, but Miss S seems to love it!!!  I've had lots of cookie requests these last few months and September has been pretty popular for birthdays and baby showers it seems!  So.....here are a few that I didn't share from the summer...

First...what is Labor Day without a barbeque??? We had a fun nite with our neighbors.. and I thought these were the perfect dessert for a cookout!

These cookies were a request from a great high school friend....who wanted to send a "Happy Package" to someone dear to her...and these cookies just make you happy... don't they???

And finally for darling Miss M who turned one this summer.  Her mama celebrated her special day with a fun "cake and ice cream" themed party.  I got to see the party decorations when I delivered the cookies...and they were too darn cute!! What a sweet idea for a VERY sweet girl!!!

Stay tuned... a few more fun orders to come this week!! Hope everyone's summer ended in a FUN and relaxing weekend with their families!!!