Sunday, August 8, 2010


The toys lying around our house these days either have wheels or are related to Toy Story characters.  So when a friend from grad school asked me to make superhero cookies for her little man turning four... I had to brush up on my superhero awareness.  Mr. G had his mind set on batman and he even decided to wear a batman costume at his superhero birthday party!  So batman it was!!!!

I would have had no idea how to create a batman cookie on my own without the help of this amazing baker!  I LOVED her batman cookies so much.... I tried to re-create them!!!

There were lots of little details on these guys....and unfortunately a few of them broke during the frosting let's just say I had some good practice with these guys.

But BAM!!!! When they were finally all said and done....I think they turned out the perfect superhero cookie for a perfect 4-year old!!!  Happy BIG 4, Mr. G!!!!  So glad these cookies gave your mommy and I a chance to catch up!!! Our reunion was waaaaay overdo!!


  1. Thanks so much for the link! They turned out great! CUTE blog! Love the name!

  2. LOVE your cookies! Where are you located? Do you ship?

  3. Your cookies came out excellent! I am going to make these as well. Did you buy the cutter or handcut the shapes? Any tips on making this one? Thanks.