Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone special

When the school year began... I have to admit, I was a bit nervous that my S would not like going to school ALL day long.  I had horrible memories of my first grade year and still remember clear as day my "not so friendly" first grade teacher.  I didn't want my S to have that same experience.

Here we May, coming up on the last few weeks of school...and I am thrilled to say that S's experience was the exact opposite.  This child could not have been more excited about going to school every day.  She would even feign good health when she was actually not feeling so hot...just so she would NOT miss school!  Imagine that!!! She couldn't have had a more nurturing and LOVING teacher who was truly excited about teaching!!!! I am sooo thankful!!!! Having been a teacher myself... I KNOW that the TEACHER makes all the difference.  I am so grateful to S's teacher for continuing S's love of school.  Watching her skip happily into school EACH and EVERY morning is all a mommy could ask for.  Thanks Mrs. M for all you do.  We have been so lucky to have you!!!

When one of my cookie idols  posted these cookies I knew I HAD to make them.  They just made me happy looking at them:)  I couldn't even wait for Linzy's I pulled out a heart and small circle cutter and went to work!! Thanks Linzy for the inspiration and for the idea!!! Such fun little cookies to make!!!


  1. These are so cute, love what you and Linzy have done with these little fellows.
    Glad that your daughter is loving school and her teacher...sure makes it a lot easier on Mommie!

  2. These are adorable - I love the heart/circle combo for the bee - so creative and cute!