Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Critters

I love making cookies for birthday parties... the themes can be so fun and this one was no exception!  These little guys were for one very special FIVE year old!

His mama and I go way the 7th grade, that is!!   I was a little nervous when she said the party was a "snake" I didn't love any of the snake cutters I had seen...but then she mentioned the party was going to be at a Nature my mind starting going lots of different directions.

We all know that ALL boys love anything buggy, or creepy, or I went from there...and used lots of boyish colors!!

And because none of the snake cutters depicted how I envisioned a snake... I tried to draw my own!

So glad I could make some special treats for this special little guy!! He's a lucky little boy with two really FUN parents and two sweet, sweet sisters!!  So glad his mama and I have stayed in touch over the years!!!  Hope you had a SWEET SWEET day, Mr. C!!!!


  1. Your snake is great! All the cookies are adorable but I think the little caterpillars are my favourites from this batch. Lucky little birthday boy!

  2. *claps hands* These are just darling!!!! You did a wonderful job, and I'm sure they were a huge hit! I'm pushin' 50 years old, but you know, I'd be tickled pink if someone made me cookies like this!!! They're so cute though it would make me hold off on eatin' them for as long as I could! :)

  3. Awesome. So cute! I think I like the snake the best. That's a lot of detail work!