Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mr. Roboto

Mr. S celebrated his birthday today!!!! When I asked the kids what kind of cookies I should make for him....they immediately decided upon robot cookies!  Their daddy does the best robot dance ever.....and they absolutely love it!!! I thought they couldn't have chosen a more perfect idea!  So I got my pencil and paper out and began designing.

Here is what we came up with!

Orange is one of my hubby's most favorite I immediately knew these would be the perfect colors for him:)

No big celebrations today b/c the two boys have been a bit under the weather this week....poor J finally got meds and an inhaler for his asthma and nasty sinus infection.... I think we must be the most allergic family in America!!! Even our wheaten has allergies!!!!

But no birthday can go celebrated at our house without cake!  I didn't even ask Mr. S what kind of cake he wanted... I just made my favorite....cause hey...May is my month too!!!  I chose chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting!!

A few fun pics from our little family celebration in jammies and ready for bed!!
Oops... I forgot the candles and we didn't have any in the here is Mr. S pretending to blow out the candles.  J loved it!

It wasn't a big celebration today...but when you have known each other as long as Mr S and I's not the presents and parties that matter....:)  We are pretty thankful for our other three gifts:)


  1. What cute robot cookies, and what a sweet family:)

  2. Sweet cookies and cake and a beautiful family. Best wishes for a wonderful year for Mr. S :)