Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty in the Simple

I came across this blog not too long ago...and was just stunned at the beautiful photography...let alone the amazing recipes.  It just makes me feel relaxed every time I look at it.  

The other day while SW was napping... J asked me to make some cookies....we didn't have a whole lot of ....I decided these French Breakfast Puffs would be the perfect substitute....not too many ingredients, not too time consuming, and yet something that would be easy enough to allow my toddler to participate.

We had so much fun making these little guys together.  In fact while dipping the finished puffs in the melted butter, J told me he wanted to be a chef and needed a hat!

I'm so glad I stumbled upon El's blog.  I love how she can make even the simplest things beautiful.  And even more beautiful are her sentiments.  When I read her post about these muffins, she mentioned how important she thought it was to invite your children to bake alongside you in the kitchen.  I couldn't agree more.  I hope my children will learn to love to create with their hands and I hope our time together in the kitchen will be something they remember for a lifetime.

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