Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spa Day!

Since my daughter's Brownie Troop had money left over at the end of the year from their cookie sales, the girls got to choose a fun way to spend their extra earnings.....After some brainstorming...the troop quickly agreed on having a SPA day....a short afternoon of manicures,...foot soaks, and pedicures.  

When I heard about the SPA day... I knew immediately which cookies I wanted to bring for the occasion.  I had seen these very similar cookies here....and was instantaneously head over heels in LOVE.  Loved the sparkles...loved the jewels, what girl wouldn't?  Kathryn Collins, of, Hey Cookie was the master mind behind these cookies, and graciously shared with me where she found these lovely edible gems...after I had no luck finding them locally.  I took her advice and ordered these amazing little edible decorations here....

Halfway through my cookie making .... I realized I had run out of the Rainbow Disco Dust.....tsk, tsk, tsk..... (And of course these cookies would have not been the same with out that fancy schmancy.... bling!) So I headed to one of our local baking stores to pick up some.....and to my great surprise I noticed...they too carried these beautiful edible gems.   So I bought more....larger ones than I had originally ordered!   Guess I'll be well stocked in that department now!

I had fun with the sparkle on these cookies....and I think I am still finding remnants of Disco Dust in my kitchen....but boy did I have a time with those craters forming on the nail polished part.  I wanted to make the nails a little more raised...and either my 20 sec  frosting was too thick or there is just plain too much HUMIDITY in Kansas because after about 15 minutes of dry time under the fan... I those sneaky craters would start to sneak up on me...and only on some fingers...ARGGG!

Luckily I was able to catch it early and get rid of the majority of them.

I took pictures in different light because the shimmer from the Disco Dust seemed to show up a little better under certain lights.

My only regret about these cookies was that I wasn't more creative in my use of color on the nails....because when our troop left the Nail Salon today... I don't think one girl left with nails that were all one color.  Alternating color schemes seemed to be most popular!

Most chose at least two alternating colors on their nails AND toes.  It sure was fun watching them kick back and soak those cute little toes of theirs.  I hope they enjoyed their day of relaxation and their sweet little treats!


  1. Love the sparkle, the dimension of the nails, and how smooth the frosted hands are! Bet the girls loved them, and your daughter felt special that her mom made such amazing cookies:)

  2. These are absolutely beautiful my friend, I could not eat them because they are just too perfectly manicured :D