Friday, June 15, 2012

30th Birthday SURPRISE

I have gotten really far behind on my cookie posts....

It might have something to do with the fact that ALL of the littles are home for the summer....

Or perhaps it might be because of the amount of time I'm spending in physical therapy from the hamstring/hip injury I've acquired possibly caused by lifting too much of my 31- pound 16 month-old.  Not gonna complain though...because it is 31 pounds of pure SWEETNESS (except when he is pulling all nighters while battling those new teeth he is cutting:)....and I know before long...he won't want me to hold him like he does now... So for now... no complaining:)

Just a few good excuses as to why blogging has become low on the list of priorities:)

Anywho....this fun set of cookies was for a sweet friend who was throwing a SuRpRiSe birthday party for her sister-in-law.  The only request was for "pink" and "black" "30" cookies:)

As you can see... I am still working on mastering those little "fluffy-parts" on the party hat.  I used a #233 Wilton tip....but some of the icing just kept blending together when I pulled away.  I have read that plastic #233 tips sometimes work better than the stainless ones to help with this issue...but I have yet to find any.....Would love to hear y'all's suggestions for making this easier...maybe it is more of a RI consistency issue...

Sugarbelle was the real deal behind the design of these cookies...she made some very similar cookies for Cookie Crazie's 4th Birthday Celebration.  You can see her pretty set here....

Lots more to share this coming week....from Father's Day to birthdays and even a little Spa Party! Happy Weekend!


  1. These birthday cookies are really cute. I love the little hats.

    Sorry to hear about your hamstring/hip injury (that's a big bouncy 6 month old LOL). Hope you continue to heal well with your physio.

  2. Love your cookies - dont you just hate it when the royal icing doesn't do what you wan it to. Totally had that happen this weekend with a bunch of cookies I was making :) Love the stuff you do!

  3. Amalia, these cookies are stunning!! I love to decorate them too!

    Manu from