Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's Day

I swooned over these birdies the day that Callye posted them here...and I haven't stopped thinking about them since. (Thank you, Callye, for the in-depth tutorial on the lovely flowers, too!!!)

These bluebirds are perfect for so many occasions....and surprisingly simple to make.

I thought they were also perfect for a little Mother's Day treat.  I guess I seem to have a love affair with birds (decorative ones....not real ones, for some strange reason).  And it seems that whenever I think of Mother's Day...birds come to mind.  Remember these from last year?

I guess it is because a Mama...always tucks her babies under her wings....and even though they may get bigger...she never really lets them go..

Happy Mother's Day to my incredible Mama and to all those Mamas who know the joy that only a Mother can know:)


  1. So sweetI I love Callye's tutorials! The eyelashes are always my favorite part!

  2. Boy, when you see a cookie you like, you sure do an excellent job of making your own! :)