Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco De Mayo!

I was asked to bring a dessert for Miss S' Spanish Class for their celebration of Cinco de Mayo...and sooo of course that meant.....COOKIES!!!!  Here's the round-up!  I found these ideas from flickr and from studying one of Callye's Cinco De Mayo posts from last year that you can find here.

And these happy little suns came straight from Lilaloa.  I thought about changing the suns up a bit...but nah....why mess with a good thing?  I simply love Georganne's design...and as I've said before...if you haven't visited her MUST.  She will make you smile and laugh every time!

I loved the detail on Beka's cactus cookies...and used hers as a guide.  I think I like her squiggly cactus lines more than mine.....they look a little more life like.  Loved her idea to put the little flowers on them too!

These were supposed to be sombreros.....I think next time I might use my margarita cutter turned upside down with the stem cut off.  I think that might be more realistic.  But for these... I used Mr. B's help and had him bend a regular old cowboy hat cutter ever so slightly at the top to give it a rounded edge!  I found the design for these sombreros here.

Hope everyone's Cinco De Mayo celebrations are perfect!!


  1. FUN!! Love the floral and sugared detail on the cactus cookies. One has to smile when they see the sun cookies ;)

  2. Very cool! can you pass along the recipe?

  3. You did such a fabulous job! You're right, why mess with a good thing:) The suns are adorable and you captured them perfectly!