Sunday, April 1, 2012

Always learning.... seems more and more time seems to go by between each post these days....that is not because I am not making cookies, however.... I still have lots to share...just haven't made the time to take pictures and share them on here.

These little "buggy" cookies were from some weeks back....and I want to share them because I got the design idea from a dear "cookie blogging" friend.  

  Lizy and I just "met" about a month or so ago....and when I found her... I was immediately stunned by her beautiful creations.  We started talking RI techniques and discussing our recipes.  I always love trying other recipes and seeing how everyone else makes their frostings.  Lizy was more than willing to share her recipe for Royal Icing and even took the time to write out each detailed step!!! SOOOO sweet of take the time to do this!  

Not only does Lizy cookie decorate...but she is a mama of two little boys....which I know.... that in and of itself is a job all on its own!!

When I saw her darling baseball cookies... I began to picture my two little guys a few years down the road playing baseball ....and already I can't wait to make those cookies for them!  

You MUST check out her blog and her amazing talents!

That is what makes this whole cookie thing so fun....that so many of my "cookie friends" are so willing to share ideas and discuss what works and doesn't work.   I am amazed every day by the creativity all of these women have.  To make something so beautiful with their hands.....truly an art.

Thanks again, Lizy for sharing your talents with me!


  1. So nice that you connected with Lizy. She sounds lovely. Your cookies are wonderful and my sister would give her eye teeth for those dragonflies. She LOVES anything to do with dragonflies.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How did I miss this!!! So sweet of you! Cookie blogging is the best. I've 'met' some of the sweetest people, all supportive and kind! We spend our days with could we not be sweet!!!
    Love this set, and can't wait to see what you do with the baseballs!