Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sock Monkey FIRST Birthday

My littlest man turned the big ONE a few weeks ago.....I think I am still in denial that his first year has already come and gone....He was a bit under the weather with another ear infection the day of the big soiree... but that didn't put a damper on our day of fun....

Here are a few pictures of my special little guy and of course the SWEET treats!

My first attempt at sock cookies was here....back in December after seeing Callye's Christmas version of these cute little guys.  But when I saw her sanded sock monkeys... I just couldn't resist.  I ordered the cutter and got to work.....They were the perfect accompaniment to my vintage sock monkey theme!!!   Thanks for the tutorial, Callye!

And more cookies...

And because it was a children's party....we HAD to have cupcakes.  This time I made vanilla pound cake cupcakes with my favorite almond flavored cream cheese frosting.

A few snaps of the you can see the color scheme was red and I had red and brown straws, and tootsie rolls and hot tamales to fill my favorite old fashioned candy jars!

And the most important part of the party (besides the Birthday Boy, of course) is always the cake.  I searched high and low for a sock monkey cake pan but to no avail.  This Wilton monkey mold was as close as I got.  I simply baked my favorite "from scratch" chocolate layer cake recipe, and looking at a sock monkey picture... adjusted the decorations to look like a sock monkey.  

Guests took home sock monkeys and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies wrapped in a cd envelopes.

It was a sweet little party for our sweet little S.  He is definitely my sweet treat every day!


  1. Happy Birthday to your adorable little monkey! What a cute party and that wagon full of sock monkey cookies is the sweetest thing!

  2. Umm -- that cake is SO STINKING ADORABLE!!!! I LOVE IT!!

  3. You did a fantastic job on the cookies! Almond flavored cream cheese frosting sounds so yummy! Your little Sam is a darling:)