Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a few simple designs to make this day extra SWEET!

I went for some simple pastel hearts and envelopes....

I kinda wish I would have outlined the envelopes with black....but thought the light blue gave it a fun touch...

And this is NOT at all a good picture of these little guys....but these were the Valentine's treats I brought for my second grader's school party today.  A HUGE thank you to Renee and Tara from Dazzle Expressions....who made the darling printable labels for me... I made a bunch of sock monkey cookies for my littlest's FIRST birthday (promise to share that post SOON), and decided I could use that cookie design for Valentine's Day if I tied in a Valentine's saying.... Renee and Tara designed my sock monkey birthday invites and did such a fabulous job.... I knew they could make the cookie labels a hit too!  

Hope Valentine's Day was SWEET for all of you!


  1. I like the blue trim around the envelopes and all your valentine cookies but those sock monkeys and the printables are killin' me! Adorable.

  2. Your V-day cookies are SO pretty! I actually think the blue outline on the envelopes is perfect:) And the sock monkeys are fantastic! You are really talented, Amalia!