Friday, November 4, 2011

Turkeys on the brain and a revelation....

Every year the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving seems to just slip away ever so quickly.  I know the next few months will be busy ones at our I wanted to get some Thanksgiving cookies in before all the holiday craziness sets in.

I remember seeing these turkeys last year when Bridget posted them here.  Love how she used various cutters to make these little guys.

I made a few changes and used a few different cutters...but followed the general idea.  The result: sweet little turkeys for my sweet little ones.  Not too big...not too little.

I opted to use a small oval cutter at the bottom to form the base of the body and the feet.

Lots of piecing together to make these gobblers...but not too difficult and definitely a fun change from your standard turkey cutter!  Thanks for the idea, Bridget.... and if you haven't been to her blog stop by for a looksie...Her blog has had a "facelift" and is cuter than ever.... and this amazing lady is busy writing a book...which I can't wait to get my hands on!!!

I took lots of pictures of these little guys...just love their fallish colors!

And next... the revelation....

In addition to the turkeys... I wanted to make some owls....I had bookmarked these over a year ago when Linzy made them.  I have a thing for owls...and for birds...not real ones...just pretty decorative ones.  I was so excited to make these....

until... I realized I would have to conquer the eyes...GULP....  The puffy whites with black on top have been giving me troubles lately....those pesky little craters.  I want that puffy look but can't seem to achieve it without getting those craters as a result.  This go round I tried adding black sugar pearls rather than adding black icing to the middle...but still to no avail... when I added them when the white was wet...they sunk in too far...and when I added them to a dry white....the white cracked when I pushed them in... UGHHHH

I did not want to post these...and I admit... I did throw a few of the really bad "eye" ones away..tsk, tsk, tsk.  I was frustrated.  Mr. B kept telling me... "They're just cookies!!!"  It took me a while to come to terms with that...but yes... he is right.  So...the revelation:  It is OKAY to accept imperfection.... and now that I have kids I realize that even more.  Sometimes I see my daughter getting frustrated with a picture she is making, and she will simply throw it away.... I am always shocked because all of her artwork is so wonderful to me.  I am trying to teach her that everything doesn't have to be perfect...that there is beauty in everything.....but then I see myself getting upset with my minor cookie imperfections.... Hmmmmm... "Practice what you preach, Mama!!"  It's funny how much parenting can teach you about yourself.

Okay...I'll get off my soap box... these little guys aren't perfect....but they have character....and I'm pretty sure those "cratery" eyes will still taste darn good!!!!


  1. Your little turkeys are adorable and I love your owls and their eyes. You are right, sometimes we are too judgmental about our own cookies and have to step back and realize that it is just a cookie. Easier said than done however, especially when we are the one decorating them...for others!

  2. Your turkeys are so cute and so are your owls! I also love your square Halloween cookies~darling!