Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Bottom and Bath Bash

Doesn't a "Baby's Bottom and Bath Bash" sound like so much fun??? I was thrilled to make these cookies for this darling themed shower.  What a fun way for friends and family to meet Mr. K.  

When I received the request... I immediately remembered a post Sweetopia had published with a VERY similar cookie.  Marian....an amazing "Cookie Queen" created this design and even made the cookie look almost "stained glass-like" to better resemble a bath shower.  You can see her incredible cookies from this post here.

To make these cute rubber duckies... I did make a paper template... I was too nervous to attempt piping the duck's body on white with black frosting without having a guide.... so I made a template from Marian's design and traced with a food writer before I piped.... I really wish I would have taken pictures of the process... It would have been a good tutorial...next time.. :)

The bubbles I made with royal icing on wax paper.  I made all different sizes and colors and let them dry.  Then I sprayed them with a pearl spray... it was sooo fun and gave the bubbles just the right amount of sheen!

I also used a few sugar pearls to add some different textures.

And because I don't have a bib cutter that I love... I just used a few different circle cutters to create a small little simple bib.

Congratulations to Mr. K's family!  Thanks for letting me create a sweet treat for you:)


  1. These are almost too cute for words. The bubbles did me in ;)

  2. Thanks for comment on my blog! I can't believe we have the same name, how cool :) You're blog is amazing! You are so talented, I wish I could make cookies that look even half as good as yours! You're awesome, have a great day!