Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little bit of "spooky"

I really wanted to do some out of the ordinary Halloween cookies this year....not just your normal jack-o-lantern, ghost, etc.  So when the Cookie Queen herself came up with these....I couldn't resist.  Callye's creativity strikes again in these cookies, where she made cute witch stockings and boots out of a baby onesie cookie cutter!! Incredible.  I followed her tutorial and came up with these...

I had my pumpkin cutter out and ready to make some pumpkins when Callye gave yet another tutorial on how to make puffy pumpkins.  I loved how "real" her cookies looked.  It was a fun way to make these cookies...however, after mine where finished and dried... I noticed lots of blotchiness in my orange color.  I went over and over in my head what possibly may have caused this...and came up with these conclusions:

1.  Maybe my cookies were slightly underbaked and the oil from the butter in the cookie caused this blotchiness when it met with the RI


2.  Maybe using a spray bottle when trying to achieve the flooding consistency caused the blotchiness ( I used to just drop some drops of water in my stiffer frosting with a spoon to achieve desired flooding consistency until recently when I heard about the spray bottle tip)  I SURE hope this is not the cause b/c I LOVE to use the spray bottle...makes my life sooo much easier


3.  Maybe I needed to add white to my frosting prior to the orange color to prevent this blotchiness

If anyone has advice on how to prevent this in the tell!  But for now I am trying to do all three things I mentioned above to prevent it.  I have even stopped the spray bottle.....but I MISS it.

I have more Halloween cookies to share very soon and of course more sweet baby cookies to come. The littles have already had many opportunities to wear their costumes, but are looking forward to the big night.  We need to get those pumpkins carved and then we should be set...

Be back soon-


  1. You did a great job on these cookies! Callye would be very proud and you should be too.

  2. I don't think it was the spray bottle or adding white coloring to the orange. I always use the spray bottle and I never add white to my colors. I think it is most likely butter coming up through the icing. Callye let's them sit for a day or so after baking to try and stop this problem (if I remember correctly). maybe that would help.