Saturday, October 15, 2011


It wasn't the last day of school... or even Teacher Appreciation Day...but these cookies were specially made for the Preschool teachers at J's school...for an inservice day they had last week.

Teachers work soooo hard....and often...their work does not end at the end of the school day.  Many have to go home at night and do a lot of work to prepare for the next day's activities.  So... these were just a little treat to thank all those teachers for all they do.

Typically when I make apple cookies... I make them red.  But I saw these cookies originally made by JP Creatibles....and fell in love with their green color.  After all...some of the best apples are green...right?  Jen definitely has an eye for details....and she is an extraordinary decorator.  Sometimes I just find myself gazing at the gallery on her website... in complete awe of her creativity and precision.  Love how my fellow "cookiers" are just a constant inspiration for me.

These apple cookies were also a perfect little "thank you" to S's student teacher who left on Friday.  The children adored her from the beginning....she was incredibly sweet and gentle with the kids....exactly what a teacher should be.  She will definitely be missed...but we wish her tremendous luck in her next teaching adventure!

Still more cookie pictures to post...but I am finally catching up!  I am really trying to organize the many recipes I've acquired the last few years and trying to organize a notebook where I can keep handy all of the incredible ideas I find as well as the pictures of the cookies I have designed.  A huge undertaking for every time I begin to sort through photos... one of the littles needs me or needs redirecting (as in J's case..ha!)  I'm so lucky to be able to stay at home with all three of these little ones and still enjoy my love for baking:)

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  1. As much as you find Jen an inspiration, know too that you and your decorating and baking are a inspiration to many as well.

    P.S. Love your little worms ;)