Sunday, September 18, 2011


I've been wanting to make these for quite some time....but have been a bit nervous about it....

So much was kinda scary.....I think I still need some practice on the wet on wet technique when 3 colors are involved (still have some bleeding issues on the eyes of McQueen), but the ultimate judge (my 3 year old, J) didn't seem to notice one bit!  He LOVED these cookies!

We made some for a friend of ours who is also a CARS fanatic....and a very cute one, I might add!  He just celebrated his third birthday.... and I'm quite sure these cookies can't even be HALF as sweet as he is.  Cutest.little.boy.ever!  Hope you enjoyed your day Mr. W!!!!

I am behind on my cookie little tikes have felt  icky the last few once they are on the mend... I can hopefully post some new cookie pics!


  1. Hope the kids are feeling better soon. What a great job you did on these cookies Amalia!

  2. I think these turned out fantastic! My grandson would be so happy if I made these!