Monday, June 27, 2011


Making these cookies made me long for the beach!  I guess there is still some time this summer for us to try to make it there!  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I have loved these palm trees and yellow bikini's from Bake at 350 for some time now....Glad I got a chance to make some.  Visit here for a step by step on how to make these.

And I have never had a great whale cookie when I saw these from Sugarbelle...I couldn't resist.  I just used my balloon cutter!

Another idea from Sugarbelle.....making flip flops out of a butterfly cutter!

I had fun making these swim trunks...but ugggghhh....that white bow tie kept turning pink!  I know the black was bleeding into it...even though I didn't add the white till the black was completely dry.  I'd love any suggestions on preventing this from fellow "cookiers" :)

So tell me what you are all doing for some fun in the sun this summer...


  1. The whale is so cute! Love Sugarbelle's great ideas on double-duty for cutters:)

  2. Seriously...these are adorable!! I just want to frame them all and hang them up, ha, but I would probably just eat them first because they are so yummy!

  3. What a fun collection. Great job on the cookies. Love the floral pattern you created on the swim trunks! The whale is so cute.

  4. These are amazing, Amalia! I can't get over using the butterfly cutter for! The whales have a special place in my heart...we're using whales to decorate for Hudson. :)