Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Sweet "Tweet"

 A few weeks ago Amanda of I am Baker offered 2 dozen cookies to readers who were needing something to brighten their day (mind you this incredible woman was a few weeks shy of delivering her fouth child when taking on this challenge).  You can read her original post here.  If you know Amanda well, then you know she has one of the kindest hearts of anyone you will meet.   As you can imagine, once the stories started rolling in...she could not leave out any of those who responded, and felt that each situation was deserving of being selected.  I felt privileged to have the opportunity to make a small treat for a family that was in need of a little sunshine.

 These cookies should be arriving today in a home that is miles away.  I do not know the family that lives there, but I do know their story.   I am quite positive that cookies can not take away the pain they have experienced, but I do hope that when they open their package, it will put a smile on their faces and a little happiness back in their hearts.


  1. Adorable! I love the sweet eyelashes and the little chix feet!

  2. SO sweet! I love that their eyes are closed, and the polka dots!

  3. Your adorable little treats will definitely bring sunshine into this family's day. They will be deeply touched by your thoughtfulness coming from a *stranger* miles away.