Monday, November 1, 2010


I have always secretly wanted to be an artist.  I remember when I was little....My cousin and I used to sit and watch Bob Ross on TV as he effortlessly painted beautiful nature scenes.  (Remember that, Thad???)   I remember wanting to go to the art supply stores to buy the expensive art brushes so I could try painting those same pictures.  I tried....but not with much success:)

So when I found this amazing cookie decorator's "cookie artwork" I decided... I had to give it a try for myself!!!  I even got my sister to come along with me in search of the perfect "paint" brush.  Miss Ali B gives a remarkable tutorial on how to make these cookies here.  Please be sure to visit her will be amazed at her attention to detail in all of her cookies.

After I read her tutorial.....I made these:

They truly were so much fun!  I really felt like a true artiste....using my fancy paint brush!!!

Be sure to check out another one of my favorite baking bloggers,  Flour and Sugar, for her rendition of this same technique.  She incorporated it into her own flower cookie design you can see here.  BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

A few others I have been working on...

Dotty Cupcakes

And last but not least.....a special little girl got these birthday treats from her special Aunt.  Her birthday was a "close to Halloween B-Day" and I thought the designs she picked were perfect for this occasion!!! Hope you had a Happy Day!

And...these below are not cookies...but I have to post the cupcakes my little girl requests every Halloween!

My little S.....she is not a big candy fan....but my oh my....a cupcake and ice cream girl..she is!!!  Here are my two little ones after their big night of trick-or-treating!  They love to sort their candy and look through it....but still not too keen on eating it (unless it is a lolli for J!)  I guess I hope they keep this aversion to candy for a while:) because I certainly don't mind baking for them!

And have to leave you with the rootin tootin cowboy and cowgirl from Toy Story!!!

Stay tuned for a few fun November cookie orders!!!


  1. Amalia! I LOVE your adorable! Thank you so much for the mention :) you are too sweet and your children are so adorable! Have a good day!

  2. I have yet to try the embroidered look on a cookie. Yours look wonderful, they are so dainty looking aren't they. Your penguins, cupcakes, and skull cookies are wonderful. You are such a great decorator, cupcakes included. The kids pics are adorable.

  3. They look lovely! Thank you for the mention and the kind words. :)
    -Ali Bee

  4. Hey Amalia,
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow, I hope all goes well! I too wish I could be your anesthesiologist ;) Going to sleep is very anxiety producing because you give up your control, and even for people who do not have control issues, it is still scary. I will keep you in my prayers that all goes well as I know it will! Good luck and thanks for your comments!