Monday, November 22, 2010


An old friend asked me to make Thomas the Train cookies for her little C's second birthday!! What a perfect excuse to practice for my little soon to be THREE year old.  I'm guessing he might be asking for a Thomas party soon too!

Here are some pictures of the stages of the cookie. Realized after I had bagged and sent off the cookies that I had only snapped a few shots using the camera on my phone during the cookie making....wish I had taken some with my camera!

Here are the Thomas' before attaching the bumpers and the headlights.  I made both just by piping my royal icing on wax paper first, then letting them dry before attaching them.

Happy TWO, little C!  Hope you had a great day!!!


  1. These are so adorable. Lucky, lucky little two-year old :)

  2. Amalia-
    Thanks for making my little boy's day. Thanks for all you hard work and time that you spent on the cookies. It was great seeing you and your adorable family. You are so talented.