Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Isn't it the best feeling when you come home to find a surprise package on your front porch?  I usually get so excited when I see one of those brown boxes on our porch....and 99% of the time it is something work-related for the hubby:(   We all like to receive....but sometimes I think it is even more fun to be the one doing the giving.....It's just fun to surprise those people who mean the most to you...

So....because I like surprises soooo much.... one of my most favorite people will hopefully receive this...

at their doorstep VERY soon!!!


  1. Do you need my address? Oh wait, you have it. I hope you shipped them next day.

  2. I love giving people little surprises to look forward to! Unfortunately I have been running out of time to do so :( I need to get back on it! Have a great day Amalia!

  3. Do you deliver boxes of cookies? If so, how much for a dozen delivered in the KC area? This may be a great client gift.

  4. I just emailed Angela and told her you are the most gifted cookie maker on the planet. My sister and I sat and looked at every cookie on your blog! I already want to book you for Lucy's first birthday on February 27th. :) Do take orders that early? I love both of your blogs!! Can't wait to try one of those cookies!