Sunday, June 13, 2010

In her shoes

When I was little....I wanted to be like her.  I wanted to go to school like she did... I wanted to have homework like she did.  I wanted to be a Blue Bird like she was.... When she painted her nails for the first time... I wanted to paint mine too.  When she got to pierce her ears....I wanted to be old enough to do it too.  I wanted to be just like her in more ways than one.  Everything seemed better in her shoes.

So we have grown a bit and changed a lot...but my she is still the same person she has always been.  I still want to be like her... I still want her GENEROUS heart, I still want her FASHION sense  (She is the QUEEN), I still want her ability to forgive and forget, I still want her easy going personality.  She is one amazing person....and one admired Thea....She is my SISTER!  Happy Birthday Cherry-OH!!!!  

PS.... It was MY CHEEZ-IT:)


  1. love you so much sharona! :) you made me cry reading this. thank you for my fancy nancy d'orsay pump shoe cookies in pink and red - my favorite colors! they are too jolie to eat! xoxo, cherry-oh . . . (and pleeeeeeease, it was my cheeze-it!!!) hahahahahahaha!

  2. p.s. don't forget how you wanted to shave your legs like I did . . . and you did it!!! :)

  3. Angela's last comment was exactly what I was thinking when I read this, Lia! I will NEVER forget driving to to school and tapping your leg and realizing hmmm something's different---I immediately--thought ANGELA! You two! <3 Mama