Thursday, June 24, 2010

DOUBLE the fun!

I was thrilled when a good friend of my sister's asked me to bake some cookies for her twin boys who were celebrating their 7th birthdays!  They were each having separate parties with different themes, and each had very unique ideas for what they wanted their birthday cookies to be.  Mr. W got to have his party today (first...of course...because as he told me "he was born first!"  So, I will post pictures of his cookies today.  His party was a "JAWS" themed party and he requested life preservers, danger signs and of course SHARKS!!!!  When I was in the process of frosting the hubby told me they didn't look like sharks at all...more like dolphins.  That night I finished the details of the teeth and eyebrows and left them on the counter to dry.  When he woke up the next morning... he told me he was worried they were toooo scary for a 7 year old.  I guess they didn't look like dolphins, anymore, huh???

Anyway...what a treat to get to give these boys their cookies in person.  Such cuties and soooo polite.  Hope Mr. W had a terrific party....and stay tuned for what Mr. X. chose for his celebration!!!

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