Sunday, January 15, 2012

Substitute for Snow

This little guy got to bring a special snack to celebrate his birthday at preschool.  J's class had been reading books about we decided to make some cookies in keeping with the theme....and since we have had only traces of the white stuff here in Kansas thus far this season....we thought snowman cookies might be a fun substitute for the real thing!


  1. These cookies are adorable but your sweet son steals this post! How happy he must have been to share these at his pre-school birthday.

  2. Oh these are just too cute!! Love the Pom-poms on the hats and the rosy cheeks! You munchkin is just the best! Such a great smile!

  3. Amalia these are gorgeous!! I've been looking for something to include in my Christmas baking and these would be perfect. Would you mind terribly if I had a crack at trying to recreate these myself?? I found you through LilaLoa :)