Monday, August 29, 2011

Hip Baby Cookies

When I saw this design....I couldn't wait to try it!  I loved the bright pinks against the black tones...and it seemed like the perfect cookie for all those trendy new mamas!

I have to apologize to my source... I found this cookie design on the internet and printed the picture, and just tossed it in my "fav cookie designs" file, only to discover that I didn't write down the source.  I think I found it on flickr...but I am wishing I could credit the original decorator for her amazing design!!!!

Searching through my files has also reminded me that I desperately NEED to organize my cookie files.  I finally found a great way to organize my cutters....(oops...still need to take a picture of that system), but need to better organize my design idea folders and template will definitely be an ongoing and lengthy project, but well worth it in the end.

Anyhow... hope all those new mamas to baby girls enjoyed these fun little cookies!  I'm a  bit behind on my postings... but hoping I can play catch up and put a few more cookie posts up before the end of the week:)


  1. These are very sweet! Perhaps the designer is a follower of yours and will let you know. In any case, congrats on doing such a great job on a wonderful idea.

  2. Not only are they cute, but oh-so-delicious too! Just another reason to keep makin' babies...! Thanks for the cookies! =)