Thursday, July 7, 2011


A few weeks back....on a rainy day....the kids and I headed to the library for some summer reading.  One of the books we chose was called "Ghost Wings," by Barbara M. Joosse.  I had never heard of this story and had no idea of the powerful message it would tell until I sat down that afternoon to read it to my little ones.  The story tells of a little girl who has a very close relationship with her grandmother.  In the story (set in Mexico), one day, the grandmother passes away...the same day that the butterflies migrate north in the spring.  Each year the monarch butterflies return to Mexico during the Days of the Dead.  Many people believe that these butterflies carry the souls of the old ones-

The little girl is heartbroken and doesn't feel the "tickle" of the butterflies anymore.  Her Papa tries to teach her that with the endurance of  love and the power of memory....those you love never really leave.
It was a powerful that I hope to read again and again.

A special family that we know recently lost their grandmother...and I immediately thought of this story.   Fortunately Glory had just posted a tutorial on how to make these I went right to work. 

  I did not know this family's grandmother well...but I know that she was an incredible care giver just like the grandmother in this story.  She was always reaching out to others.  And even in her time of pain and suffering....the family spoke of her continued concern for others rather than herself.  She lost a difficult battle to cancer....but her example will not be forgotten.


  1. What a beautiful post and the cookies are just lovely. I hadn't heard of the book Ghost Wings before. It sounds like a wonderful read. Your cookies and the inspiration behind them will be treasured by the family.

  2. I love your cookies... I hadn't heard of that book either, but the book and these cookies remind me of the memorial service that they have each year for the children who pass away at Children's Mercy Hospital. Once a year, their families, nurses, doctors, etc. gather for a rememberance service and then release butterflies. What a nice gift...