Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gingerbread Tradition...

We decided to put a spin on our gingerbread project this year....
Typically we build some walls....add a roof...and go crazy decorating.  But this year... we decided to try something new....a Santa sleigh.

I found this idea for a Santa sleigh in Valerie Peterson's Cookie Craft cookbook last year....and just couldn't resist trying it out.  She designed the sleigh as a centerpiece to hold holiday treats.  And as I was reading again just the other day...she also gave the idea of using it as an Advent calendar.  You could fill the sleigh with tiny cookies...and then a lucky someone gets to pick and eat the day's cookie.  Wish I would have thought of that earlier...but definitely an idea I will use next year!!!

Before I post the picture... I have to give HUGE credit to the hubby....who actually did some "sawing" on my gingerbread sleigh sides in order to make this fit perfectly.  He is definitely the secret behind it's success!!!  Could    Not   Do   It    Without   Him!!!!  (And of course the tuna, green bean and spaghettio cans that we used while it was drying):)

And.... though...the inside is not huge.... I do already have it filled with some Christmas give to special visitors who drop by:)


  1. Beautiful! What an awesome job you have done with the sleigh and of course with your wonderful cookies. I'm so anxious to put my together but it can't be delivered until next week so I have to wait...impatiently so!

  2. I love it! Love the silver, the sugar on the white trim, and the polka dots! It must be so satisfying to sit back and enjoy it:)

  3. SUPER-CUTE I love the sleigh! what a great job. I can't wait to see more :)