Friday, March 6, 2015

Starting Again....

So.... it's been a while.... a long, long while.  While I could list a number of excuses...and a number of reasons why my posts have been so few and far between nonexistent.... it might be best to just "start again."  

Although here in the midwest we haven't been bombarded with the snow that the rest of the country has....winter has seemed especially long this year.   

Freezing temperatures, homework and cold and flu bugs have forced us to stay inside these last few months, and had us aching for spring and warmer weather.  I heard a rumor that temps might hit in the upper 70s next week.....ohhh I'm soooo ready.  We are already making plans for SUMMER in this house.  Just the other day, I heard the littles planning out bike rides... The discussion involved who would be riding and who would be in charge of walking "Henry"(whose persisting desire to gnaw on furniture MUST indicate he has cabin fever too!)

We are all a little desperate for summer to arrive, and after a few weeks of lost mail keys, speeding tickets (YIKES) , general clumsiness, and sickness...these butterflies seem to be  the perfect way to bring a little spring into the kitchen.

Sooo... you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found these pretties and an amazing tutorial on Haniela's blog.  Her tutorials are always so fun to watch....her talent and creativity....remarkable.

Just in case I don't say it enough.... I am so grateful for all of these "cookie friends" like Haniela grateful for their willingness to share and educate.  Sometimes it makes those late nights a little more bearable knowing I am  not the only one dealing with royal icing dilemmas, craters, or stained airbrush colored hands.

Creating cookies can be a stress reliever....a hobby, or a job.  And those nights when I'm standing in my kitchen past midnight washing out teeny tiny 0 PME tips...., my hands and nails stained with that black frosting... I wonder if it's really worth all the effort.  After all... it IS just a cookie.

But it is worth it....when I see the smiles of those receiving them.  It's worth it when I watch my youngest carefully open the cookie bag and eat every last crumb.  It's worth it when I see those blue or pink stained lips.  It's worth it.  And so the next day.... I am ready to "start again..."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Better late than never!!

So.... I am finally getting around to posting my Thanksgiving cookies.  Life has been a bit crazy this I only have one design to share.  And a big shout out to this amazing baker for originally designing this turkey.  Read her blog....and you will no doubt leave with a smile!!!  She is both funny and creative!!!

She had to piece together these cookies using different cutters....but I was one lucky girl because just this year the amazing Truly Mad Plastics created a cutter designed to make this specific turkey in just one step!!!  Yayyyyy....made my life so much easier!!!!  And don't you just love being able to outline the cookies in just one color??? Oh the perks of a nice clean black outline!!

Hope you and yours had a Thanksgiving full of blessings...  The littles at my house are definitely ready for Mr. Claus to visit.  We have been singing Christmas music....watching The Polar Express....(too many times to count), and reading lots of magical Christmas stories.  Hope the spirit of Christmas has you smiling this season!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Falling Behind....

Wow...a sad, sad story that I have neglected this blog since last Thanksgiving.  I had all intentions of creating posts for each of the cookie orders I have worked on in the happens...and so rather than designating a post to each order...I will just combine the pictures in one post.  Soooo... here are some of the cookies I have had fun creating since last November....

And a special thanks to some of my favorite cookie bakers who came up with some of these designs....,,, and

I'll be back soon with some super scary Halloween treats:))

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giving Thanks

Once again... I am lagging behind on my posts.  Staying on top of these blog posts may just have to be one of my many goals in 2013....But for now...let's take a look back at our Thanksgiving.  I saw so many amazing cookie posts from all my cookie blogging friends...but we went with these simple turkey cookies for our Thanksgiving treats this year inspired by Hey Cookie.

Baking is really just a hobby for me....something I enjoy....but my real joy comes from these three little people in my life!  

Some days I feel like pulling my hair out...but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  And after the heartbreaking events in Connecticut this past weekend....I feel especially fortunate that He chose me to be the Mommy to these very special little angels in my life.

My heart is saddened for the children who lost their lives too early, and for the families whose lives will never be the same.  I hope that if any lesson can be learned from this horrific is one of hope....a hope that we can all be reminded just how delicate life is...and how we can't take a single moment in time for granted.